Dating a gay marine

And it was that positive response which really gave me the courage to come out to the rest of my fellow Marines. With so many new people coming into his life, telling people he was one of the first openly gay Marines frequently comes up in conversation. So how do people tend to respond when McCabe tells them that he was a gay Marine?

But being a Marine is pretty rare. A photo posted by Russ Marine russmarine on Jun 20, at 7: The ex-marine is now spending his civilian life helping others come to terms with their sexuality.

But having the ability to tell my story on a platform like YouTube has opened more doors than I would ever have guessed it could. I am so happy for both you and Brandon and for every other Marine that can finally be who they are without hiding. I know I enjoyed the ball in Las Vegas this year with my boyfriend, and it warms my heart to know that other couples, regardless of orientation, were able to do the same.

10 Reasons Why Gay Military Men Are Great Boyfriends!

Thank you so much for being such a strong voice in the fight for this repeal and the ongoing battle for equality and acceptance, and for sharing your story with us! My first comment ever. Speaks to how much I appreciate you sharing your story. Congrats, all the best and thank you. Thank you for your service to our country and thank you for standing up for our rights. Incredible story.

You and all like you are now, willing or not, the ambassadors of a generation. You are the guide as well as guidon now. Reading this makes me proud of you and proud of my Marine Corps. Semper Fi.

Dating A Military Man - 15 Important Things You Nees To Know!

Jason, I wanted to join the military. I come from a long line of military folk. One of my ancestors even fought alongside George Washington. The most I was ever able to do was hold a temporary civilian position on the Naval base in my city New Orleans. Do you have any idea how badly folks like me wish we could say that we were an E3, even for a few years?

Coming from a military family, I know that even an E3 in the Marines could easily eat the lunch of your average Joe Tough Guy walking down the street. Sir, with all due respect, I hope that you can see things through my eyes and realize how much I admire your contribution to this country. Excellent article. Best wishes and happiness to the both of you in your career and personal lives.

And a special thanks to Rachael for sharing such an awesome inspiring story.

Dating a Marine

It was moving and brought tears to my eyes. I love this! That was amazing! I rarely actually see the qualities that make one…. Even though there were. Simply amazing. I agree with you that now -without DADT -is going to be tough for many of our soldiers and their families. That kind of invisibility hurt very, very badly. Candy Canes! Thank you for your support. I've met all kinds of Marines, former and active. God bless and keep you and yours. Thank you for sharing this wonderful occasion with. The basic, working rule is no relationships straight or gay between senior and junior ranks especially in dating a gay marine same unit. It is truly dating a gay marine and inspiring.

Wow… just… Wow. Thank you so much for your service to our country and for writing this story. What a wonderful story, I actually got a bit teary eyed. My husband was Navy and is now Air Force blue to blue! Great story. Makes the larger point that we are all created equal. Joy, suffering, companionship, identity, acceptance, the sense of belonging, et al, is what makes us part of the human race, and there should not be any other qualifier to our humanity.

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  • Dating a Marine.
  • On Marines, equality, and my date to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball (Part 4)!

Amazing, amazing story. Thank you so much. This is a beautiful story. I know your struggles are not over but change is happening, it never happens over night. Hold onto this special feeling and remember it whenever you feel like things are going backwards. Love from Canada. This is an amazing story, and one written incredibly well. Thanks so much, both for your service and for sharing your story with all of us. Thank you for this!

Awesome story and I am so thankful for brave people like you… You are truly serving your country! What a wonderful story I am very proud of you and hope and pray thatw erecgnize we are all of Gods children! I am ever-so-proud to be a Gay man! I love this! Thank you!!

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This is an amazing, heartwarming story and very beautifully written. Thank you for sharing your story, it was incredible to read from beginning to end. Congratulations on being freshly pressed — it was more than well-deserved. Thank you for this beautiful story that brought tears to my eyes. I can honestly say I used to be nervous around marines and I come from a military town but since the DADT repeal I have watched marines repeatedly be first to make inroads to the lgbt community. What amazing people you all have shown me you are.

I am so appreciative of your service and your courage and wish you all the future happiness you deserve. What a wonderful story! I am so happy for you and thank you for serving your country with courage and dignity. Bless you both.

Steve Grand Came Through As Gay Marine's Date to Marine Corps Ball

Here's a little story time for y'all about the time that I dated a marine. Patreon Account: Mailing Address P.O. When you date a gay guy in the service, that's likely never going to happen. Don't believe the stereotypes about “jarheads” in the marines or army “dummies” .

Ultimately, bigotry is a heavy burden, and a lot of people bear it only because they think they should. Thank you for your unwavering service to a country that has just barely begun to treat you with the respect and consideration that you deserve. Thank you as well for sharing your story — it sounds like you both had an amazing evening, and I cannot begin to fathom the relief you must feel at no longer being forced to hide such an intrinsic part of yourself from the world.

What could I do after reading this but smile shed a few tears okay, a lot of tears of happiness. Congratulations, sir! Whatever misconceptions and bigotries I still had were stripped away pretty quickly. I am so glad to hear this story and to know that the Marines are, as ever, lifting a brother onto their shoulders when he needed them the most. Thank you. Thank you for sharing your story and congratulations on making fp! I thoroughly enjoyed reading all four parts of this story! Wow, what a moving story. I salute you for your amazing courage and honesty, and thank heavens the DADT is repealed.

Gay asian dating los angeles

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  • dating a gay marine.

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